Thursday, 12 April 2018

Maximum Football 2018 General Control Layout

Hi Everyone.

Today I'd like to speak a little about the control schemes in Maximum Football.

For the most part, players playing last year's Canadian Football 2017 picked up the control settings in game pretty quickly. But we did get multiple requests to make a few changes along the way. For example, in July, when Canadian Football 2017 was launched, the (Y) button was used to call a Time Out. We were asked to move that functionality to the Pause Screen and get it out of the way, so in October, we made a significant change to how the Time Out process worked and moved the button to the pause screen.

When compared to football games of the past, Maximum Football has two major considerations to account for when it comes to the control scheme;
  1. Different Rules: Unlike every other football game ever released on consoles, we have to account for a very different rule set. Being able to accommodate a full 6 receiver set (rather than just 5) means that some buttons for QB control needed to change.

    The ball snapping process is different to accommodate different motion rules.

    Kick return controls are different to accommodate different kick rules.

  2. Common Control Layout. We need a common control layout that is works on all platforms.
But even with that said, for Maximum Football 2018 we're making a few changes to the control scheme, not only to accommodate this years new features, but also work with the lower button count.

Maximum Football does not have a 1:1 feature match to previously released titles so some functionality will never match, but from a high level, where features are the same (or close to it) and it can be made to work within the rule differences, controls are generally similar to previously released titles. 

For example; In 2K8 All Pro Football, the 'Tackle' button was (X), in Maximum Football 2018, the Dive Tackle button is (X). In Maximum Football it's not required to push a button to tackle, you can simply collide your controlled defender into the ball carrier. Also in 2K8 All Pro Football there were separate buttons for Defend Pass, Block Pass and Attempt Interception ((Y), L1, R1 respectively). In Maximum Football 2018, pressing the (Y) button will cause the defender to try and knock down the ball and if possible try to intercept it.

Below are the controls for various areas of the game for 2018. For the sake of this post, the face buttons are indicated as XBox One / PC controllers, the PS4 uses the button in the matching position;
(X) = Square, (A) = Cross, (B) = Circle, (Y) = Triangle, (Start) = Options 

Maximum Football 2018 General Control Layout 

General UI
Navigate Options: Left Stick or D-Pad.

Select Option: (A) Button.

Team Selection
Select Team: Left Stick (Left / Right).
Change Side: Right Stick (Left / Right).

Ready Team: (A) Button.
Advance To Kickoff: (B) Button - Both teams must be ready.
Previous Screen: (Y) Button.

Game Settings: (X) Button.

Note 1: To make a team CPU controlled, move any assigned controller to the screen centre.
Note 2: You can only change teams in Play Now and Practice modes.
Note 3: Changes to Game Settings only apply to Play Now games.

During Game
Pause Game: Start Button.
Enter Replay Mode - After Play: (Y) Button.
Skip Post Play - After Play: (X) Button.
Time Out: PS4 (Press down on Touchpad) / XBoxOne & PC (Profile Button).

Aim Kick: Right Stick.
Kick Ball: Left Stick pull back and push forward Quickly (The faster the movement, the more power behind the kick)

Take Knee: (B) Button (While in end zone - punting plays only)

Return Kick
Move Player: Left Stick.
Speed Burst: (A) Button.
Quick Step (Left / Right): Triggers.
Spin Move (Left / Right): Bumpers.
Take Knee: (B) Button (While in end zone).
(Canadian Rules) Kick Back: (Y) Button (While in end zone - punt returns only).
(US Rules) Fair Catch: (Y) Button.

Play Selection
Formation and Type Select: Left Stick or D-Pad.

Change Play Page: Left and Right Triggers.
Select Play: Indicated Face Button.
Flip Plays: Right Bumper.
Player Substitution: Right Stick Button (Select By Formation Only).

Offensive Play - Run or Pass Before Snap
View Play Art: Left Stick Pull Back.
Set Hot Route: Indicated Face Button while Showing Play Art.
Audible Menu: (Y) Button.
Start Motion: (B) Button - If Snap on Waggle is enabled ball will automatically be snapped.
Snap Ball: (A) Button.
Hard Count: Left Bumper.

Offensive Play - Pass After Snap
Move QB: Left Stick.
Pass: Indicated Button - Single Tap = Touch Pass, Double Tap = Lob Pass, Press And Hold = Bullet Pass.
Scramble: Left Bumper.
Take Knee: Left Trigger.

Offensive Play - Ball Carrier After Snap
Move Player: Left Stick.
Speed Burst: (A) Button.
Quick Step (Left / Right): Triggers.
Spin Move (Left / Right): Bumpers.
Dive Forward: (X) Button.

Defensive Control - Before Snap
Move Selected Defender: Left Stick. 

Adjust Defensive Line: D-Pad.
Cycle Selected Defender: Bumpers.

Defensive Control - After Snap
Move Selected Defender: Left Stick.
Speed Burst: (A) Button.
Cycle Selected Defender: Bumpers.
Snap To Closest Defender To Ball:  (B) Button.
Attempt Pass Knockdown / Interception: (Y) Button.
Attempt Diving Tackle: (X) Button.
Attempt Tackle: Crash selected defender into ball carrier.
Shed Blocking: Right Stick.

Thanks for checking out the blog.