Thursday, 21 September 2017

October Update Details

Hi everyone.

I wanted to give you a quick update on what is being planned for the October Update of Canadian Football 2017.

Issues Address

The items contained in this Content Update are a combination of items included in the most recent Certification Report as well as general improvements to the title and are the result of user feedback. Other items may include bugs found after launch or general game improvements.
  • Corrected a game lock issue. If a field goal attempt hit the post assembly, it could still be caught by the kicking team. This would cause the game to lock up. Any play that sees the ball hit the post assembly should be considered a dead ball.
  • Added a full Season Play Mode. This mode allows the player to progress through a full schedule, accumulate statistics and play through a calculated playoff tree.

  • Added a full Practice Mode that allows players to practice executing plays outside of normal game play.

  • The game now allows for playing under two rule sets; Professional Canadian rules, and a subset of American rules.

  • Introduces a new Title Screen design.

  • Corrected an issue with the CPU calling back to back time outs in certain clock situations.

  • Corrected a fairly noticable texture UV problem with the Toronto stadium.

  • General performance improvements.
The update will be pushed live towards the end of October.


UI Sneak Peak - Work in Progress

Monday, 11 September 2017

Season Mode - Development Update

With the release of the September update for Canadian Football 2017 out the door on both Steam and XBox One, it's time to post a quick note on the development state of the game's Season Mode.

At the time of this writing the following features are working in the mode;
  • Full schedule generation, each team in the league plays each other team in the league 2 times. The schedule accounts for odd team numbers. The current 9 teams in the game generate a 16 game schedule over 18 weeks.
  • Full playoff tree generation. The game uses the current 9 team playoff structure of 3rd place at 2nd, the winner of that game plays 1st place. Winners play the championship game.
  • Full season stats. The game records and displays season stats for both teams and individual players - Team, Passing, Receiving, Rushing, Defensive, Kicking, Punting. These are the same categories used on popular broadcast websites.
  • Season play uses it's own game settings allowing for season play games with different game play settings from Quick Play mode.
  • It's possible to simulate full games (and stats) without playing them out. This allows you to quickly play through the season.

Simulating games use the same coaching profiles and rosters of the regular game play. Simulated games are 'played out' internally using the same play calling logic the CPU uses for active game play.

The goal is to release Season mode in the October update in time for the Canadian football playoffs.

Work In Progress
Current layout for the playoff tree screen. It's possible to both play out and quickly simulate the selected game.

Work in Progress
Current design for statistical display. Columns are sortable.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Canadian Football 2017 –

Canadian Football 2017 –
Content Update Summary

Issues Address

The items contained in this Content Update are general improvements to the title and are the result of user feedback, other items are crash or general bugs found after launch. 

1. Corrected a game lock up issue if calling a time out immediately after loading a saved game.

2. Moved the users Time Out button to the pause screen. To call a time out, you must now pause the game and press (Y). The time out button will only be enabled if the team that paused the game has time outs available to them. It’s no longer possible to try and call a time out if you have none left. 

3. Adjusted the speed of several animations allowing the on-field players to  move faster. 

4. Rewrote the CPU QB AI that determines what receiver is the best choice to throw to. 

5. Improved the running logic if the ball carrier is between the tackles. This should reduce the instances of the CPU ball carrier running up the back of a blocker. 

6. Reduced the ‘pop-up player’ animation glitch. This glitch would see the ball carrier snap back into a spin move (popping back up) ½ though the animation of being tackled. 

7. Reduced the amount of ‘pile-on’ tackles that would see an unfair amount of defenders jumping on a ball carrier that’s already been stopped. 

8. Receivers spend a lot less time standing still. Unless the play design specifically calls for a receiver to wait in an area for the pass, a receiver that reaches the end of their route will no longer just stand and wait. A receiver at the end of his route will now turn and look to the QB, then move to another part of the field. This allows a QB to more likely find a receiver in stride. 

9. Rewrote most code for receivers catching the ball. Includes multiple new animations and much improved hand tracking. 

10. General improvements to the offensive line blocking on passing plays. Blockers now do a better job of picking up free defenders. 

11. Defenders no longer get infinitely blocked. 

12. Bullet pass button down time has been reduced from 0.5 seconds to 0.35 seconds. This should reduce the perceived ‘slow to pass’ on bullet passes. 

13. Improved the shot gun receive snap animations with better hand tracking. 

14. Adjusted player physics so that there are fewer ‘shoe string tackles’ causing ball carriers to simple fall down at the slightest touch. 

15. Correctly resets the camera prior to the overtime coin toss. 

16. Players were able to abuse the saved game by quitting a game after scoring an Extra Point After Touchdown, then reloading the saved game and redoing the X Point. Now, as soon as the ball is snapped the convert attempt is recorded. Quitting and reloading the game at this point will start at the following kickoff, regardless of the outcome of the XP attempt. 

17. Players that were engaged in a block together will now properly disengage their hand placement if one of the two players is knocked down. 

18. General performance improvements.