Monday, 30 October 2017

League Templates & Roster Maker

With the release of the most recent PC edition of Canadian Football 2017 we've included a couple of items to help you create leagues and adjust rosters.

League Templates

After you have downloaded the most recent version from Steam, you will find an additional folder in the game's installation directory - TeamTemplates.

This folder contains templates for league sizes of 10, 16, and 32 teams. Each contains default team uniforms for each team as well as a matching roster file.

To use these templates, simply go into the StreamingAssets folder and rename the existing 9 team league folder to Teams_9. Then copy the folder for the league size you want and rename it to Teams. At this point the game should start with the new teams and league size.

NOTE: You can only play with one league size at a time. This version of the game will completely reset the season play data file anytime you change the number of teams in the league. Each time the game loads, it checks to ensure the teams on disk match the teams in the season data file. If they're not the same, the season gets reset from scratch. Do not change your team sizes unless you want to reset your season.

Roster Maker Utility

The current edition of the game does not include in-game editing of roster data. However Canuck has provided a small utility that will allow you to edit the rosters outside the game. This utility also includes all the appropriate source code. You will need a knowledge of C# development and have access to Visual Studio 2017, but anyone with this knowledge could use the basics of the source to create a number of specialized tools.

The rosters created by this utility are purposefully designed to be very flat with little difference between teams. The purpose of this tool is to generate a working roster.xml file.

We hope that you will find these two addition helpful.


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