Tuesday, 28 November 2017

Progressing Towards 2018 - Part 2

Hi everyone.
Below is part II of the dev blog series.

PS4 Update

I'm happy to announce that as of late last night (November 27) we had the latest edition of our football title up and running on PS4 development hardware.

Beyond the obvious controller branding, there are numerous fundamental code differences between the various platforms - code that works on one platform may not work on all of them - and so it takes some time to make changes to the code base to accommodate new platforms.

While there is still a great deal of work to do to get all the features working on all platforms, there was indeed a Happy Dance in the office when the title launched on the console and we were able to get into a game on the field. There's still a lot of work to do but we're well on our way and on schedule.

Graphics Refresh

Beyond the PS4 deployment success, we're also closing in on our final player model artwork. The game will feature different player model styles for different positions each with a much higher detail level than was shown in 2017.

It should be pointed out that the uniform layout is completely different from 2017 as well, with each player type having its own variation of the uniform file. So unfortunately, existing custom uniforms will not carry forward to new editions of the game.

Stadiums will also be getting a make over with more detail in the buildings themselves, but we're also working on a process to provide 3D spectators in the stands.  

Team & Roster Editor

Outside of the visuals, the team and player editing functionality is progressing on schedule. It is now possible to proceed into the edit mode of the game and rename teams and players, change player skill ratings, edit depth charts (on a formation by formation basis), and change a few other basics as well. For team and roster editing, it will certainly help if you have a keyboard attachment for your controller, but you can use the on-screen keyboard as well (it's just a bit slower to use).

Fan Fest

Via Twitter, it came to Canuck's attention that during last weeks championship game fan fest, the very first question asked of league executives was regarding our title and a professional license. While we've not spoken to anyone from any professional league office in well over a year, it's great to hear that fans of our game are raising the question. So to whomever it was that asked the question, thanks for your support.


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