Thursday, 9 November 2017

XBox One October/November Update

Hi Everyone.

The XBox One Update that was planned for late October has passed Microsoft certification and should be going live and available for download later today (November 9th).

To say this is a substantial update is an understatement. It's just about a new title (hence the extra time for certification). The full list of updates and changes are below;
  1. The game engine has been updated to Unity 5.5.4p4.
  2. Added a full Season Play Mode. This mode allows the player to play out a full schedule of games, accumulate individual player and team statistics, as well as progress through a full playoff tree. Note: Season Mode is a single player experience available primarily to the active profile selected from the title screen.
  3. Add a full Practice Mode that allows players to practice executing plays outside of normal game play.
      • Practice Mode is primarily a single player mode available to the active profile.
      • No achievements or stats are accumulated in this mode.
      • Practice Mode's on-field settings (such as the line of scrimmage) are not retained from session to session.
  4. The game now allows for playing under 2 rule sets;
      1. A full set of professional Canadian Rules.
      2. A subset of American football rules.
  5. Introduction of a completely new main menu design.
  6. Corrected a game crash issue. If a field goal attempt hit the goal post assembly and then hit a kicking team player the title would lock up. This has been corrected as any kick that hits the goal post assembly should be automatically be a dead ball.
  7. Corrected an issue with the CPU calling back to back time outs in certain clock situations.
  8. Corrected a texture issue with the Toronto stadium.
  9. Corrected the problem of offensive linemen 'jittering' while dropping back from the line of scrimmage. Pass blocking movement is much smoother now.
  10. Corrected an issue of the Right Guard not picking up the correct defender when the defense was in a 5 down linemen formation.
  11. Improved backfield blocking assignment logic.
  12. Corrected the issue of kick returners 'warping' into position to recover the ball if it bounced before they could catch it in the air.
  13. Corrected the issue of Defensive Backs on human controlled teams occasionally breaking off task after the pass had been thrown causing them to be out of position when the ball arrived at the target.
We hope you enjoy these additions and improvements to the game.


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